About Us

Legendary Land is a full-service land brokerage company built on years of experience and an appreciation for land.

Dan Ward

  • Real estate broker in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas
  • Designated as an ALC or Accredited Land Consultant by the Realtors Land Institute
  • 2014-2016 president for the Oklahoma chapter of RLI (Realtors Land Institute)
  • Active board member and officer with Oklahoma RLI since 2009

Dan Ward’s career started at a very young age in the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas. He grew up in Wichita and spent time with his grandmother fishing, hunting, and exploring Otter Creek and Fall River. In the summer he got up early to fish farm ponds around the small town of Severy in Greenwood County then helped his grandma mow, pick beans in the garden, and tackle any other tasks she had lined up for him. Several summer breaks during college were spent traveling all over Greenwood and Elk Counties hauling some of the best prairie hay in the country to poorly ventilated and extremely hot barns by way of a “hay monster”.  It was through these experiences that his love for the outdoors grew.

In 2004, Dan earned his real estate license and began the journey. Since then he has continued to be a student of all aspects of real estate to provide the best experience possible for his clients.  Dan is not trying to generate credibility by way of a national name brand organization or leveraging the success of 100 agents from within a cleverly marketed company to impress or convince a client he is the right choice. He knows the key to success in this business is getting up every day with the client in mind and hustling to perform at a high level. Dan has spent over a decade personally putting in the time to build the team that will guide his clients through the process of a real estate transaction with the personal knowledge of the territory to make the experience as profitable as possible. His standard of excellence is high, and always open for improvement, especially as rapid changes in the technology side of marketing continue to develop. With that in mind, he believes that every advertised property should include exceptional maps, photos, video and a clear, complete description for the most comprehensive advertising package possible. Dan exclusively represents large acreage tracts and specializes on properties with exceptional water features such as large lakes, rivers, creeks and wetlands.

Dan continues to enjoy spending time in the outdoors with his family and especially taking his son and his son’s friends on hunting & fishing trips.  Land offers an opportunity for those special memories to be made and traditions to be carried on from generation to generation. Knowing he is helping others create these moments is the most enjoyable benefit to see his clients experience.  Dan truly believes that no other type of real estate can inspire the same connections with family & friends and considers it a blessing to experience some of the most beautiful land in the central United States alongside them.