Legendary Land Company is a real estate company that focuses on selling
large acreage rural properties in Oklahoma.



Property Research

To effectively market and sell any property we must understand what impacts value. Our first objective is to gather basic information such as location, leases, and how access is obtained to the property. We will also acquire tax records, create an aerial map and a topographical map of your property and organize any other pertinent data to prepare for the property evaluation.



Property Evaluation

The information gathered in the research phase will be used to evaluate the property. The process of evaluation is simply looking at the positive and negative factors gathered in the research phase to estimate the approximate value. With our experience, we can help guide you through this stage so your property is appropriately priced and ready to market. This will also include a form that shows the estimated net amount the Seller will receive at closing after all fees and expenses have been considered.



Sale Preparations

Clean, well-presented properties sell faster and for more money, plain and simple. We will advise you on specific ways to get your property ready for sale that are within your budget and physical ability.




We believe that buyers come from many places and through many avenues. This means that we must advertise property where they are looking. Today’s buyers are looking at dozens, if not hundreds of properties, in a short period of time. Therefore, it is important to offer complete and detailed information they will need to make a decision. This is done primarily through websites, emails & newsletters to targeted buyer lists, direct marketing to high net worth individuals, and networking with other brokers from around the country. A more detailed marketing plan will be provided upon request.



Resources before and after the sale

Through years of networking we have put together a tremendous list of resource contacts from appraisers, lenders, lake engineers, wildlife biologists, real estate attorneys to dozer operators, foresters, and so on.

If you’re interested in selling your property or would like more information about our services, please contact us.