“I want to thank you for all you did for us in the selling of the ranch. I appreciated your advice, patience, and steadiness in all the craziness. You were readily available for our questions and seemed willing to do whatever was necessary. Thanks for your work with us and I wouldn't hesitate to refer to you.”

- Debbie S.

“Working with Dan Ward was a positive experience. He is professional, knowledgeable and responsive.”

- Ed K.

“I do think we made the right choice when we selected Dan Ward as our representative. I particularly appreciated the efforts he made to portray our property in the best manner with a nice presentation on the website, aerial video, and even finding the granddaughter of a former property manager who could tell about the history of the property. In the end, his contacts in the marketplace made the difference in finding a buyer who was able to complete the sale, even in a declining market. We do appreciate his efforts to help us understand the market and then to properly identify the best uses for the property. The end result was a sale in a time frame that worked for us.”

- Keith W.

“Dan was as good as it gets with showing me my property. As a sales person myself I didn’t want to be sold, I wanted to be shown. Dan’s approach to showing me the property and his knowledge was very reaffirming. He made this part of the process very easy for me. Dan has a very extensive knowledge of real estate and the transaction process that goes along with it. This was my first land purchase and Dan did a great job of explaining the steps. He put me at ease more times than I can count.Dan’s ability to help with all of the different phases of a real estate transaction exceeded my expectations. He knew banks, surveyors, other properties, house sizes, etc. His experience definitely shows through.I don’t like to recommend hardly anything, not personally or professionally, however I would recommend Dan. He is very easy to work with and one of his best qualities is he listens.”

- Mark H.

“I think you are more knowledgable, thorough and professional than most realtors. Like the fact that you specialize. Also good at bringing both parties together and learning the type of properties I like. I would recommend you.”

- Scott Wigginton

“Last year, I listed a 4,000-acre ranch with Dan that had been in my family since the 1970’s. Dan made numerous trips to the property, which is quite remote, until he understood it at least as well as I did. Over the course of these visits, Dan developed a detailed list of cost-effective repairs and improvements to the property which he felt would increase its market value. I agreed with Dan’s analysis, and therefore chose to invest the time and money required to bring the property up to a more desirable condition. When the work was completed, the property was on the market for seven months. Ultimately, we sold it to an out-of-state buyer for full asking price.”

- William W

“I am an experienced land owner with this being the fourth ranch I have developed and sold over the past twenty years. This has been by far the best experience I have had with any Realtor in evaluating my property, giving a realistic market appraisal, and effectively marketing the property. Dan is courteous and professional in his manner. He responded to any and all of my many requests throughout the process. I highly recommend him and his company to anyone looking for a competent, realistic, hardworking Realtor. I would be happy to be considered as a future reference. Good luck in your career. Thank you for everything.”

- Richard L. Frazier M.D.

“Dan was great to work with. Can’t think of anything that would have made the experience better. We had listed the property with another agent prior to Dan and he showed the property 2 times in one year. By contrast, Dan showed the property numerous times during the term of his contract. He also installed cameras to photograph game on the property: turkey, deer & wild hogs. In my opinion, the game photo's closed the deal on this property. Dan did an excellent job for us. If we had another tract of land for sale, I’d list with Dan without hesitation.”

- John M.

“We have had the pleasure of working with Dan on four different land deals including buying and selling. He has helped us find properties that fit both our lifestyle and budget. He knows how to market properties and highlight their assets in a very unique ways. Dan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the process. His relaxed easy going approach makes both the buyer and seller comfortable. We have Dan to thank for all the precious times and memories we will share with our family and friends at our hunting ranch.”

- Jay and Laura B.

“We recently used the services of Dan Ward as the agent to sell 1250 acres of ranch land in northern Oklahoma. Dan was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable in every phase of listing, handling offers, and closing of the sale. He gave us very good advice on the pricing and consideration of the offers. With his help we were able to sell all of the land for cash money in a very timely manner.”

- Kent and Barbara Fletcher

“I had been watching property listings in Love County for several years, in anticipation that “someday” I would purchase something. The name that kept popping up anytime I searched online for properties was Trevor Potts and Legendary Land. When that “someday” arrived for me, I sent Trevor an email describing what I was looking for. He then called to get some further information from me to narrow down my interests and goals. From that initial contact I could tell that he would work diligently to find just the right opportunity for me. He is very knowledgeable about the area, and was honest with me at the time that he didn’t think he had, or knew of, anything that was just the right fit for what I was looking for. He didn’t waste my time showing me properties that were available that didn’t meet my goals.

I was not in a hurry, and after some time had passed, Trevor sent me an email describing a property that had just come on the market, which wasn’t his listing, but he thought I should definitely take a look at it. We made arrangements to look at the property…I believe my first look at the property was also his first…with his strong background in wildlife habitat and hunting, he was able to point out many positive features of the property that I may not have recognized. After talking me through a few of my concerns we were able to negotiate a contract. Trevor worked diligently through closing to iron out a few wrinkles in the process. Even after the sale, Trevor continues to be a valuable and trusted asset and friend. He’s a wealth of knowledge regarding management ideas, local resources, potential habitat improvement opportunities, etc.

From a buyer’s perspective, if you are looking for property in South Central Oklahoma, Trevor is the obvious choice. He’ll take the time to understand your goals, and work to find you something that meets those goals."

- Ryan

“A little more than a year ago we were faced with a huge decision that would have impact on us for the rest of our lives. My wife and I sold our family Farm/Ranch in East Texas hoping to relocate closer to our youngest son and his family.

As fortune would have it my son had decided to raise his family in the quaint little southern Oklahoma town of Marietta. My wife’s roots were from Oklahoma and it seems we could make the sell and start a new spot.

We dealt with some other agents when we began our search simply because we were looking a specific properties with their listing agents. That process was very short lived once we found Trevor Potts. I was impressed by the “no-pressure” attitude and his knowledge of the properties of Love County and surrounding areas.

We spoke of size, needs, location and end use. Within a very short time he had put us on what we have today. No place could have fit our wishes and budgets better. During the process, Trevor was a dream to work with, forever vigilante with returning phone calls, researching my questions and giving me answers and options. His knowledge of the market is first rate, his relationships with everyone I’ve spoken with is highly regarded.

I am proud to have met Trevor, done business with him and have him as a friend. Trevor supports his community and seems to be there for everyone. What a good man and I look forward to many more years of our relationship, both in business and friendship."

- Gary and Cheryl Polito

“Trevor is exactly what you want in a partner when you are making a big decision: professional, honest, patient, and smart. I think the most important thing was that he really listened to exactly what I was looking for and knew how to help me find it. We looked at property after property until I landed on the one that was just right for me and my family. His expertise and good judgment gave me confidence in making a deal. I couldn't have been more satisfied or impressed, and if I'm buying or selling land, he's the first phone call I'm making.”

- Kyle Harper

"I decided in early 2017 to sell the J Bar Ranch located in Love County, Oklahoma. In reading past testimonials, the adjectives used to describe Trevor are almost identical. Honest, knowledgable, creative, I could go on and on, but the bottom line is the same - Trevor is someone you want to do business with and to represent you. There wasn’t a second when I didn’t believe he had my best interest at heart. I feel that this attribute is his most valuable asset.

Another word used over and over again is unique. Every seller believes their property is unique, and every buyer wants a unique property. Trevor knows what unique means. He is the master of how to market and identify the unique traits of unique properties.

Last but certainly not least, most if not all of the transactions described were of major importance to the buyer or seller. Major decisions involve a certain amount of stress, hand wringing, and second guessing. These are tough decisions, and I believe you need a partner who is a good psychiatrist. Trevor was not only my partner through this process, but as important, my psychiatrist. I know I drove him crazy over this deal!

Obviously, I think the world of Trevor and can think of no one who I would rather recommend. You will be glad you selected Legendary Land Company."

- Mark Jackson

"Detailed, knowledgeable, connected and honest…. These are 4 words I would use to describe Trevor Potts and his organization Legendary Land Company.

I first met Trevor about 5 years ago. I hired him to help improve a property for Quality Deer Management. Trevor has a strong background and knowledge in Agriculture and Dendrology, this gives him a unique skillset for understanding the needs of land owners interested in Land Stewardship.

Through the years, Trevor has been a benevolent resource for me and many other land owners in our area. Trevor has initiated contact with valuable contractors to help me reach my goals for my improving my properties.

If you are selling a property, Legendary Land Company will be detailed in representing and marketing your property through word-of-mouth, local neighbors and a strong internet presence. The same holds true for someone searching for a specific farm or ranch.

I can’t think of a better person for anyone to contact if you are in need of a competent Land Specialist."

- Curtis Lee

"In 2014, I began a search for land that took almost 3 years to fulfill. My search for property began with a phone call to Trevor as my respect for him and his knowledge of land across Oklahoma was unmatched in my opinion. Once we found a place that checked all the boxes for me. Trevor's ability to navigate the transaction and ultimately see the property through to closing was nothing short of professional. I would recommend Trevor to my closest friends whether they were looking to buy or sell land in Oklahoma."

- Josh Leffler

"Trevor's reputation as a broker who connects discerning buyers with superb recreational properties proved true in our case. Trevor's relationship with other brokers and his professional and straightforward marketing strategy exponentially increased the number of buyers that were reached. As a result, we soon had a solid contract with buyers who are also conservationists, making our transaction a win/win for all!"

- Joel & Amy Wisian

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Trevor Potts on multiple land transactions and he has always exceeded my expectations and been a complete pleasure to work with. From his professionalism, knowledge of the space to his punctual communications he is someone that I would highly recommend and will continue to work with for years to come."

- Toby Thomas

"My property was a bit unique for the area and posed some interesting scenarios from listing to close, however Trevor Potts, who is smart and innovative, worked diligently in finding the right buyer. In retrospect, I can’t find one thing that Trevor did during the course of our process, that didn’t turn out to be right for the sale, enhance the property to prospective buyers and ultimately be in my best interest. If you have a property anywhere in Southern Oklahoma that you would like to move, I would highly recommend you use Trevor."

- Jud Little

"I decided to purchase a specific sized ranch within a specified distance from my home, and of course, within a specified price range. It was a complicated plan as the land was planned for a combination of activities to include: recreational hunting and fishing, cattle ranching, pecan harvesting, and possibly a future homestead. The burden of all the above was placed on Mr. Potts. To my incredible pleasure, he remained enthusiastic, regardless of the challenge. He spent countless hours researching listed properties, as well as, using other resources to find the perfect piece of land. He was educational about new endeavors I had no experience with. He spent time educating each of my family members regardless their age or unusual questions. He even took us on a very successful duck hunt to indoctrinate us into a different type of hunting. I found Trevor to be professional, courteous, trustworthy, respectful, and enjoyable to be around. Throughout the purchase negotiations, he demonstrated a strong demeanor serving as my advocate. I would highly recommend Mr. Potts as the broker to find your perfect ranch / real estate need."

- Dr. Richard Greisman

"We had inherited a piece of property in Carter County. After much discussion we decided to sell the property. We contacted several realtors in the area and chose Trevor to handle the transaction for us. He was knowledgeable about the area, very professional and, most importantly, very enthusiastic about the land. Lots of realtors will list your undeveloped land as well as houses, etc., but Trevor specializes in land. I think this makes a big difference.

Living out-of-state, we visited Ardmore and met with Trevor. He took us over the property, pointing out its various pluses and minuses. At the end of the tour, he said that he had an interested party who would like to make an offer. (He had previously asked permission to show the property as we had no contract at the time.) You can imagine our surprise!

After some negotiation, we agreed on a price and the deal was complete. I had expected this to take a considerable amount of time and a lot more effort on our part. Trevor handled the whole deal, start to finish, in a most exemplary way. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for your real estate needs."

- Patricia Phelan

"We purchased a property in Southern Oklahoma about a year ago. Though we had not worked with Trevor previously, he quickly earned our trust and confidence. I must say that am proud land owner of this nice tract...its the first piece of property we have owned in Oklahoma and it's been very rewarding taking a piece of raw land and molding it into exactly what you desire. My family and kids will enjoy it for generations to come with memories that will last forever. They dont make any more land these days and getting a chance to escape technology and enjoy the outdoors is truly rewarding for us. Trevor has guided us through several property management questions long after the sale was complete. Even today we continue to consult with him on management and purchase issues. In my opinion, he is the leader in Recreational and Hunting properties in the Southern Oklahoma region."

- Michael & Christina Woods

"I first found Legendary Land Company on an internet search while looking for land in Oklahoma. Shortly after talking with Trevor (Potts), I knew he would be the guy to find me a great farm. Trevor possesses all the intangibles that make finding the right piece of land easy. His experience in the industry and knowledge of the land, wildlife and vegetation are unparalleled. Trevor showed me many excellent properties and was able to give me important information on each one, including how surrounding landowners and their management styles affected the property. He even put me in touch with contractors to help me get work done on the land I purchased. I will definitely use Trevor again if buying or selling in the area and would recommend him to anyone looking for property in southern Oklahoma."

- Andy Young

"Having lived in this area my whole life and working in the construction industry, I have bought and sold dozens of properties through the years with numerous local realty firms. Trevor Potts is the at the top of his profession. His expertise and efficient handling of properties is very impressive. His marketing ideas and experience was the reason our property sold in an amazingly short period of time. What I thought might take a year or more only took a few months from listing to closure. Trevor has since listed and has under contract a second property for us. The second property had been listed with other firms for longer than a year with no sale. Trevor had it under contract within a couple of months. Trevor is a true professional for both sides of the real estate transaction and a real pleasure to work with. He is a man of his word. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a real estate agent."

- Gary and Tonya Keeton

"Searching for the perfect hunting property is not an easy task, but Trevor took the work out of it and made it a wonderful experience for me. Not only was he incredibly knowledgeable about the properties that were shown, but he also has a great knowledge of the surrounding areas. He was very responsive to all inquiries that I had and has so many resources to assist that he made the transaction very comfortable. Trevor is a great guy, very upfront and honest. You know exactly what you are getting with Legendary Land Company, and if I make further land purchases, I will absolutely use Trevor."

- Jeremy Lustig

"I certainly enjoyed getting to know Trevor and working with him on my search process to acquire recreational land near the Red River. His extensive knowledge of the area, specifically related to parcels and tracts of land in relation to my needs were an asset. He has a great understanding of the ecological traits of the area. He has very strong relationships with land owners, which uniquely positions him to locate land for your needs as well as represent landowners looking for qualified buyers. Trevor was outstanding throughout the entire process of both buying and selling!"

- Greg Carver

"If you are looking for hunting land, Trevor Potts is the man to see. He was professional from the start and is very knowledgeable of not only the land, but the people in the area. Even after our purchase was completed, he continued to help us get in contact with neighbors and local contractors. After giving him our budget, desired acres, proximity to DFW and our hunting needs, Trevor found us the property my family and I could enjoy for year to come. Thank you Trevor, we look forward to working with you again in the future."

- Patrick K.

"My wife and I had discussed the possibility of selling some of our property but had not contacted a real estate agent. We received a cold call from Trevor Potts asking if we might consider selling a certain piece of property. I told him the price we wanted for the land. The next day he has shown the property, which required much walking through brush and briars, and five days later we had a signed contract. UNBELIEVABLE!! You might think we priced it too low, but I am confident we received a reasonable price. I give all the credit to Trevor, who is knowledgeable, personable, efficient and a guy that's interested in getting the job done. He answered all of our questions and we closed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Trevor on any land transaction you may have. We will use L Land Company should we decided to sell addtional property."

- Toney and Sherley Hearell

"Trevor was very knowledgeable about every aspect of ranch and recreation property. His experience helped me understand the many things to consider when purchasing property. He took the time to understand my needs and wants in order to find the ranch that fit me perfectly. It was a true pleasure to work with Trevor and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for their perfect property”

- Ryan Jaggi

"My wife and I had been looking for a property for about a year when I met Trevor. He was representing the seller of a property I went to look at. As we looked at the property that day I proceeded to tell him I was looking for a place I could bow hunt, but also a place my wife would enjoy spending time at as well.

The place he showed me that day was not the place I was looking for, but a short time later he emailed me a listing for a property with a very nice cabin and a large lake. I knew from the pictures my wife would love it, but the property was a little small for what I was looking for. He proceeded to tell me he thought we might be able to pick up three other properties that bordered this place, two of which were not even being actively marketed. Sounded like a long shot to me, but a few months later it all came together and my wife and I couldn’t be happier with our new ranch.

Pulling together four properties at once was challenging to say the least, but Trevor kept at it, knowing when to push and knowing when to be patient and let things play out. If you are looking for a broker that is a straight-shooter, that is extremely knowledgeable about south-central Oklahoma and wildlife management, and is also a pleasure to work with, give Trevor a call. You won’t be disappointed!"

- Chad and Amy Crow

"In 2015 I decided to sell my property in Love County, Oklahoma. I did not know any real estate agents in that area, so I went online and started a search. I found Trevor's website and was very impressed with it. I called him and set up a time to meet to discuss his possible handling of the sale. I was impressed with his website, but I was even more impressed with him. He knows the real estate business (in particular farm, ranch, and recreational type land sales), but what I really liked was how much he knows about the local wildlife and their habitats. Since my property was more of a recreational hunting type property, this knowledge of the local animal population was very important to me, because I knew that the knowledge of the types of wildlife on the property would be a good selling point. I decided to let Trevor handle the sale of my property. He advised me of some things that should be done before placing the property on the market and was very helpful in making arrangements to clear some of the roads to make the entire place accessible. This property was not an easy piece of land to sell, but Trevor was able to find buyers for it. There were also many problems with the sale that arose, but Trevor was always in contact with me and dealt with all the problems quickly and efficiently. I have since closed on the property and am so appreciative of all the hard work Trevor put into selling my land. I would not hesitate in recommending Trevor to my family and friends.

- Carol Moxley Green

"We had been searching for the right place for our horse and cattle operation for at least a year. I knew Trevor had sold a place that we would have really loved to have had, so I called him only hoping that the new owners would be hoping to sell. Trevor informed us that the new owners wouldn't sell, but offered to keep an eye open. He asked several questions, all of them good questions and pertaining to the details of our operation.

Later, when Trevor had found some places that he thought we might want to look at, he called to show us some property. Everything he showed would have worked for us, so it was obvious that he had listened to our wants and needs.

Ultimately Trevor found us a place that did indeed work just like it was supposed to. Trevor would easily be rated five stars for customer service, patience, attention to detail, and knowledge of the property uses. His ability to show you property is also VERY easy compared to other real estate brokers. We are beyond satisfied with the job Trevor has done for us, helping us through the complete shopping and purchasing process."

- Shane & Dr. Kathleen Pendleton

"When it came time for my cousins and me to sell my mother's homestead farm in Love County, I was very lucky to have come across Trevor Potts. From the outset, he seemed to realize that this was not "just another transaction" to the family and treated us with care and dignity.

Trevor is well suited, I think, to broker land for hunting purposes, as well as other uses, in the area. A hunter himself who has walked most of the Love County area, he was eager to walk our old family farm with me. He spotted deer sign before I did -- and that impressed me. When we did so, I explained to Trevor that we were a long way off from completing the various probates for the family. Undaunted, he asked if he could still show the land to prospective buyers he had in order to generate future interest. I agreed and by that process, he had a buyer identified and a contract offer for our full appraised price before our lawyers had completed their work. We ultimately closed with that buyer.

Trevor Potts knows the territory, knows wildlife management of the land, and knows the local players of real estate transactions in the area. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to buy or sell land in southern Oklahoma."

- Ted G. Carlton

"Trevor was great to work with and extremely knowledgeable. Once you meet with Trevor and he understands what you are looking for he will present the best fit options on the market, as well properties not on the sale market. Trevor knows lots of land owners and has many avenues for finding clients what they want in a property. We will certainly work with Legendary Land Company again."

- J.L. Muntz

"Trevor was able to handle some difficult personalities that threatened to delay my sale to the buyer. Because I was several hours drive away from the property, I needed to rely on him. He did an outstanding job."

- Tim Cheek

"Coming out of the Ft Worth area, I needed someone who could really listen to me and know what I was looking for. He absolutely did not waste my time, showing me places I couldn’t afford or wouldn’t like. Because he has such an in-depth knowledge of the area and property market, when I did make the drive up to Love County, he was able connect me with a property that wasn’t even listed on the market yet. I was also skeptical about not using my own Broker, since he was technically the seller’s Broker. I found him very honest and up-front in disclosing everything, and giving me fair answers to all my questions. I’d use him again in a heartbeat."

- Dr. Philip Woodward

"We actually found Trevor through Twitter, which told us he was on top of social media as a true outlet of advertising. Living over 120 miles from the property we sold, Trevor eased our worries. It took all of 5 days to receive an offer for our property! Trevor Potts is skilled beyond his years. Thank you Trevor for making the entire process effortless AND profitable! We gladly recommend Legendary Land Company to anyone buying or selling!"

- David and Patti Burkhart

“Trevor, our family would like to thank you for your help in finding us a property. I was very impressed by your ability to ask great questions to get an idea of what we were really looking for. It is nice to have someone be able to hear what your re saying and then present a property that suits your requests. It takes good work to match a property to some one who doesn't really even know what type land fits them. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. It appears that you know your area and market well. Your were helpful and thorough through the whole process. Thanks again!"

- Steve and Kristie Nelson

“We recently had the privilege of working with Trevor on selling a piece of property in Love County. Trevor demonstrated true professionalism throughout the entire process. He kept us abreast of all that was going on from the beginning until the sale had been consummated. We were very pleased with Trevor and his work ethic at 'GETTING THE JOB DONE'!! "

- Charles Davis

"We had been looking for a property for recreational use for quite some time with no success. I reached out to Trevor to see if he could help us in our search. He listened to the details of what we were looking for, size, location, price, wildlife diversity and habitat etc., and began to find properties that fit what we were looking for. As he showed us properties that were close to what we were after he really zeroed in on what we wanted and found a great property for us. I know that Trevor put in the work to intentionally find a property that fit all of our requirements and then worked hard to ensure the contract details were taken care of and closing occurred without problems. It was a pleasure working with Trevor and I would choose to work with him again and do recommend his services to my friends."

- Eric Melton

“I certainly enjoy working with Trevor as I know that everything from the contract to closing will be done correctly and in a timely manner. He is very detailed and straight forward which is appreciated. In addition, Trevor is very knowledgeable about rural property, its uses and laws. Trevor is definitely a broker that I can recommend."

- Gary Kafer

"I was interested in a selling a residential rental property that I owned, but was concerned with incurring the additional income tax burden. Trevor introduced me to a Qualified Exchange Intermediary to handle a 1031 Tax Free Exchange. He then searched to find me a ranch property that I wanted to buy and handled the transaction to a highly successful conclusion with a minimum amount of effort on my part. The 1031 was also effortless with the coordination between Trevor and the Intermediary. I would unequivocally recommend Trevor as he is extremely knowledgable of land in Southern Oklahoma and always works hard for your benefit."

- Tom B.

“Trevor, we appreciate your professionalism demonstrated throughout - contract negotiations, pre work and closing procedures. Thanks for your persistance to overcome barriers and control whatever possible. We will call again on your company's services should the need arise."

- Dennis Herd

"Trevor Potts of Legendary Land Company provided invaluable assistance from initial contact through the closing of our land purchase. Trevor is an avid hunter and landowner himself, so we were already on the same page from the start. He easily understood my specific needs and we efficiently narrowed down our search based on those requirements. After reviewing the narrowed properties in detail, Trevor handled the offer and negotiation process flawlessly for the property we wanted. He has the experience and contacts to efficiently navigate the closing process making it headache free for all parties. Whether a buyer or seller, Trevor is the only choice in Southern Oklahoma."

- Rob Lay

“Our first ranch purchase was a pleasure with Trevor. His attention to detail and professionalism immediately separated him from other brokers/realtors. You can be certain that Trevor will have the best interest of both parties during your search, negotiations and trasactions. I refer Trevor's services on a regular basis and will be contacting him in the near future for additional purchases. Our family thanks you for you hard work!"

- Dr. Tad & Dr. Krystal Montgomery

“Trevor guided me through my first property purchase and really went above and beyond what I expected out of a Broker. He understood my needs, listened to my concerns, and was quick to reply to my questions. His first instinct ended up being correct but he picked me up and showed me numerous other properties and researched many more to ensure I made the best choice. Not only did he step outside his comfort zone and find a great piece of land that suited my somewhat complex needs, he also helped me get in touch with lenders when my orignal banker fell through. He is knowledgeable about the area and passionate about wildlife which made him a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again in the future."

- D. Sparks

“Trevor Potts brought a buyer to purchase my interest in a large ranch in Southern Oklahoma. He pre-qualified the buyer and followed through during the entire sale to assure a seamless experience. He is not thrown off track by complicated transactions. He 'hangs in there' no matter what.”

- Dr. Neal Small

“I recently worked with Trevor to buy a property in Love County. You can tell a lot about Trevor by looking at his website which is how I originally found him. He is organized, smart and hard working. He is very knowledgeable about Southern Oklahoma and is a true outdoorsman which makes him a valuable resource for someone looking to buy or sell recreational land. He seems to know about at much about the birds, flowers, trees and vegetation as he does about the deer, turkeys and other game animals. He is 'connected' with abstract companies, surveyors, lake builders and other brokers. If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Southern Oklahoma, I would highly recommend Trevor.”

- Paul Vrana

“Trevor Potts of Legendardy Land Company is very proficient at finding buyers for sellers' land. We were on the fence about whether to list our property with him and he found us a buyer in one day, without a listing! He works diligently and fairly to make the process as smooth as possible. He is very kind, patient and understanding, as well as knowledgeable and professional. We highly recommend Trevor when considering buying or selling real estate in Southern Oklahoma.”

- Derrie and Lora Minyard

"I just recently purchased a piece of land in Murray County; this was my first time to purchase land and work with real estate broker. Trevor was exceptionally knowledgeable and efficient. I had many conversations with him throughout the sale and he was always willing to answer any of my questions and help in anyway possible. He went above and beyond all expectations. It was a pleasure doing business with Trevor Potts."

- Evan Bolding

"It is apparent that Trevor is very knowledgeable about hunting and the intricacies of hunting land. He helped me tremendously through the sale of my old property and purchase of my new place."

- Aaron E.

“Trevor never gave up when I was looking for a ranch. We looked at five different properties in three counties over a two week time period....and not just from the truck....we hiked on foot through the thick brush and he even let me bring horses to another property so we could see it better.

He worked really well with another Broker, and had a great working relationship with the abstract company and closing agent which made the title and closing process quick and easy. I would highly recommend Trevor if you are in search of a new property."

- B. Roberts

"Trevor was great to work with. We gave him what options we would like to have in the land and the general area we wanted to stay within. He came up with 3 great options for my wife and myself to see and so we picked the one we loved the most and closed quickly. Also, Trevor had other added values since he knew the area well, such as people to help with financing, fencing, water wells etc."

- Terry Wright